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Charge ahead with Lithium-Ion power from Briggs and Hyster

Charge ahead with Lithium-Ion powered solutions from Briggs and Hyster

At Briggs Equipment, we are proud to be at the forefront of innovation, going above and beyond to deliver tailored solutions that help keep business moving for our customers.

Whatever their requirements or strategic ambitions, Briggs is here to support. One of the most significant developments we’ve seen in recent years, is the investment in sustainability, which is designed to help those companies meet their own net zero targets. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and from almost every industry on this crucial topic. Whether it’s supporting customers such as Travis Perkins or Vincent Timber with the electrification of their fleet, or the introduction of new environmentally friendly products such as the Hyster 12T electric truck, we have a proven track record of making an impact.

A key element of our work in this area is focused on collaboration with our equipment partners. This includes Hyster, who are an industry leader on the topic of sustainability and continue to push the boundaries when it comes to the research and development of new environmentally friendly solutions and technology.

This includes the investment in battery powered trucks, and in this blog we will be highlighting 3 ways in which you can charge ahead and keep your business moving with Lithium Ion power!

Integrated Lithium Ion Hyster J2.5-30 XNL forklifts!

Equipped with an integrated lithium-ion battery, the Hyster J2.5-3.0XNL series of lift trucks ensure easy entry into the spacious operator compartment. Enhanced headroom, ample foot space, and a variety of seating options contribute to greater operator comfort, which also helps to bolster productivity.

Thanks to the capability for opportunistic charging during operator breaks, the J2.5-3.0XNL electric lift trucks are ideal for operations requiring rapid and flexible charging. Furthermore, the maintenance-free lithium-ion battery offers added convenience compared to lead-acid alternatives.

There’s no limit to sustainability with Lithium powered Big Trucks!

The electric Hyster Big Truck revolutionises your operations by slashing emissions, fuel usage, and maintenance expenses. Harnessing the advantages of lithium-ion battery technology, the J10-18XD series delivers outstanding traction power, acceleration, and visibility akin to driving a diesel truck.

Designed for heavy lifting up to 18 tonnes, the J10-18XD lithium-ion forklifts optimize performance and efficiency in demanding environments like Ports and Terminals, Breakbulk, Wood, Construction, and Metals industries. These forklifts excel in both indoor and outdoor tasks, thanks to integrated lithium-ion batteries that ensure consistent high performance throughout the charge cycle and boast extended lifespans, thereby reducing total ownership costs.

With zero maintenance requirements and rapid charging capabilities, this innovation translates to significant operational savings and increased uptime.

Get the most out of your warehouse with the ultra compact lithium ion pallet truck

In demanding environments, maximising productivity is paramount. The Hyster PC1.5 offers an efficient alternative to manual pallet trucks, harnessing the power of lithium-ion batteries to deliver triple the productivity.

Featuring lithium-ion-powered travel, lifting, and lowering functions, the PC1.5 not only enhances efficiency but also reduces strain on operators in demanding storage operations. Built with a robust steel frame design and protective cover, these ultra-compact pallet trucks are engineered to withstand the challenges and rigors of your operation’s environment.

To ensure uninterrupted operations, a recharge alert notifies you when it’s time to plug in your PC1.5 pallet truck. For more demanding tasks, a large battery option with a fast charger is also available. The maintenance-free lithium-ion battery further optimises uptime, ensuring continuous operation when you need it most.

Find out more today about how Briggs Equipment can support your sustainability goals by speaking to our expert and friendly team!


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