Pam Ferguson, Service Centre Manager, Scotland


Please provide a brief overview of the job you do.

My job title is Service Centre Manager Scotland. I am responsible for all “Internal” service operations in Scotland. This ranges from controllers dispatching engineers to jobs to billers invoicing the customers for work carried out.  I have 11 people reporting in to me.

What is the best thing about working for Briggs Equipment?

In my opinion the best thing about working for Briggs equipment is the people I work with. In Scotland we have a small team compared to the rest of the UK and it has a real team/family spirit.  Everyone is always willing to help each other and go that little bit further.

Describe your normal working day.

Working in a service environment every day is different.  The day has to be structured around the customer’s needs and requirements on any particular day. Regardless of how busy or quiet a day is set up to be it does always start with a good morning to all staff in my team.

What is the most important thing that you have learned whilst working for Briggs Equipment?

I have worked for Briggs Equipment for 12 years and it is the only company I have ever worked for. I started off when I was 16 doing the filing on a Friday afternoon. This has shown me that with the right guidance and support you can achieve anything. I never believed back then I would be in a management position today.  There have been many changes throughout the years and with each change there have been new opportunities opened up to me, the perception of change is usually negative but I am an example of where it is extremely positive. 

Which of the Briggs values which of the values is most important as part of your daily routine?

The most Important Briggs Value to my daily routine is Personal Accountability and Empowerment. My team are dealing with several different customers and engineers on a daily basis and they need to believe they are empowered to make decisions without having to seek my approval. I believe if everyone thinks like they are an employee owner then no decision or action that is taken can be wrong, I do not want people to be frightened to make decisions.

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