The PT2000 articulated trailer mover is a fully electric pedestrian controlled vehicle, specifically designed for moving articulated lorry trailers up to 20 tonnes in both manufacturing and distribution applications. The PT2000 has exceptional manoeuvrability, making it easy to operate and move trailers in and out of tight spaces.

The PT2000 provides a number of benefits to logistical operations. The key financial benefits include removing the cost of tractor units as well removing the increasing cost of labour with three drivers to cover a 24 hour shift. The estimated cost saving on using the PT2000 over traditional methods is up to 85%.

Product Features

Trailer coupling is a quick and simple process and enables control of all trailer electrics and air brakes.


  • Magnetic twin cameras can be mounted on the trailer to aid manoeuvrability and the HD image is shown through the colour monitor.
  • When in motion, the trailer can be controlled very easily without strain to the operator. The tiller head features an ergonomic grip complete with additional safety features such as hazard light controls, a sounding horn and air brake.
  • The trailer mover features a built in air compressor system to operate trailer brakes. Located on the tiller head is an emergency dump switch which stops the trailer immediately if any risk presents itself.
  • The trailer mover connects with the trailers electrical system to enable synergy between the units for brake and hazard lighting.
  • Reversal into a loading bay is accurate utilising the magnetic cameras and display on the tiller head. The operation can now continue to be productive.
  • Silent operation enables moves to be carried out during the night in locations where it otherwise would not previously been possible, for example, residential areas.


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