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How our flexible finance platform can help your operations thrive

Businesses across every industry sector have been impacted by recent economic instability and uncertainty. However, with Briggs Finance companies can manage these challenges, respond effectively to changes in circumstance and create a long-term financial plan that meets their requirements.

Financing has long been a method that businesses use to help balance cashflow whilst still being able to access the industrial equipment they need to manage demand and workflow. Through it’s in-house financing facility (Briggs Finance) Briggs Equipment can provide fast, flexible and impactful support to its customers. This has proven hugely beneficial to companies of all sizes that need to manage their resources carefully, but also have the ambition to grow and expand their operations. 

Having the capability to flex and help businesses both survive and thrive is what really sets Briggs Finance apart. Inflexible financing agreements are unsustainable and unsuitable for today’s unpredictable economic markets. This is why more and more businesses are moving away from traditional lenders and towards an in-house system such as Briggs Finance that can adapt as and when required.

Leigh Edgley, Briggs Equipment’s Group Sales and Marketing Director commented: “We’ve worked collaboratively with our customers over a number of years to develop the Briggs Finance facility. The platform proved crucial for many businesses and given the unpredictable nature of the economic climate, we anticipate that it will remain a vital tool for our customers.

“Each agreement within Briggs Finance is completely tailored to a customer’s individual circumstances and as an in-house platform there are no set-up or arrangement fees or third-party involvement.

“Of course, Briggs Finance isn’t just there for businesses during difficult times. Its main function is to support ongoing growth and development to help our customers thrive and it can be a key tool to help companies effectively manage their operations during times of peak activity and demand.

“As a company evolves over time, the requirements they have for industrial equipment will also inevitably change. By being able to make quick and informed decisions on finance agreements, we’re enabling our customers to access the industrial equipment they need when they need it most. Briggs Finance is also able to create agreements that extend across our diverse product range, so whether you need to lease additional assets such as powered access, industrial cleaning or specialist warehousing equipment, we have the capability to support your objectives.”

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