Our Environmental Commitment

We recognise our responsibility as a large organisation to help protect and preserve the environment. We have always acted in a responsible fashion with regards to sustainability, however we know that more needs to be done.

This is why we’re pushing forward with a comprehensive programme of activity that demonstrates our clear commitment towards sustainable working and creating a greener future for everyone to enjoy.

Our environmental commitment includes these clear objectives:

We plant a tree for every truck we sell


trees planted so far

Everyone at Briggs recognises that there isn’t a quick fix to the environmental challenges that we all face, which is why this activity must be a long-term commitment that continues to evolve.

We are determined to introduce a greener way of working to our industry and we hope that this strategy can be the start of a wider movement that innovates and improves the collective response to these challenges. We will strive to reduce our environmental impact whilst ensuring that we keep business moving.

Find out more about our environmental commitment:

Briggs Equipment environmental sustainability goals

Working with you to achieve sustainability goals

Did you know that via a combination of innovative products and infrastructure solutions, Briggs Equipment has the capability to help your business achieve its sustainability goals and contribute towards a successful carbon strategy?

Briggs Equipment plants a tree for every truck sold

We're planting a tree for every truck we sell

A key element of our environmental strategy moving forward is our pledge to plant a tree for every truck we sell. This is an additional measure to the carbon offsetting work that is part of our environmental commitment.

To play your part in a greener future,
talk to us about how your fleet can become greener.

Case Studies

Peel Ports Group Banner

Supporting Peel Ports’ Sustainability Commitment

Situation In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are taking centre stage, businesses are also taking significant strides to align with these global objectives. One such example is Peel Ports, who have recently demonstrated their commitment

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