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The most common route to a forklift is long-term hire. This is an easy and cost effective route to your business benefiting from new plant or equipment.

Traditional Long Term Hire

Getting your new equipment on Long Term Hire from Briggs Equipment gives you the benefit of a competitive rate for a fixed period. You can predict your monthly budget requirements and you have brand new equipment contributing to your productivity and helping you achieve your targets.

Long Term Hire Chart.png


A very popular option where you have a total 5-year cost that matches the Long Term Hire cost but with the option to decide every 12 months if you want to return your truck.

Briggs Long Term Flexihire

Whichever route you choose, you’ll get a detailed site survey to map out the exact specification of truck you need and you know that you’re freeing up capital that can be invested elsewhere in your business.

However you choose to do it, this all comes with the usual support of expert servicing from our fleet of engineers across the country and the guaranteed call-out response time that you won’t find anywhere else.

Find out how a free review of your operations could identify the most affordable way to deliver growth for your business.