Bradshaw Electric Vehicles

Cost effective and efficient solutions for transporting heavy and awkward loads within strict, environmentally sensitive areas.

Specialising in manufacturing electric powered vehicles, the Bradshaw Electric Vehicles range available through Briggs Equipment includes tow tractors, load carriers and stock chasers. Their vehicles can be found in a broad spectrum of household name companies for a variety of applications, such as waste movement, manufacturing and line feed, logistics and distribution, hospitals, railways, and transport in airports.

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The Bradshaw EV range from Briggs Equipment

Our Bradshaw Electric Vehicles range includes narrow width, mid-range and high-capacity tractors, all of which are equipped with safety features and benefit from an intuitive design to make them user-friendly. With cabbed and un-cabbed options available, we have a Bradshaw vehicle suitable for a wide range of environments.

Our Bradshaw load carriers come in pick-up, cage body and van body vehicle options with models capable of handling a payload of up to three tonnes and a tow capacity of up to 6,000kg.

Pedestrian load carriers come in a variety of sizes and body designs. These are ideal options for transporting materials safely in small and busy areas. Four-wheel and three-wheel pedestrian load carriers are available, with the three-wheel load carriers capable of operating in tight spaces.

The range of pedestrian tow tractors includes vehicles with tow capacities of up to four tonnes and a payload capacity of up to 500kg. With a three-wheel design allowing for steering in tight spaces, these pedestrian-operated machines are suitable for use in small and busy environments.

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