Combilift Specialist Warehousing

Revolutionising the way businesses handle and store goods.

From pallet trucks to side-loader forklifts, pedestrian stackers to very narrow aisle forklift trucks (VNA forklifts), we offer an extensive range of Combilift machines for hire or purchase. As the biggest manufacturer of sideloader, multi-directional and articulated forklifts around the world, Combilift’s range of versatile machines available through Briggs Equipment provide an effective solution for optimising warehouse operations.

We plant a tree for every truck we sell


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Optimise your warehouse

Realise the full potential of your warehouse or storage facility - increase capacity by as much as 100%.

Combilift machines are designed with sustainability at their core. Whether that’s reducing the size of your storage facility and all the associated costs thanks to the innovative machine design or minimising your carbon footprint using the wide range of electric forklifts or diesel and LPG engines which adhere to the strictest emissions and efficiency guidelines. 

Understanding the available space in your warehouse and how it is currently being used is critical to incorporating a sustainable supply chain and making the greatest use of your storage unit. Before expanding your facilities or relocating to a larger location, why not explore space-saving strategies to optimise your existing footprint.

Narrowing your aisles and using higher pallet racks are two simple methods to take full advantage of your existing warehouse space. We offer a free warehouse planning consultancy service to help you visualise how you can gain this extra storage capacity and maximise your workflow efficiency.
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The benefits of Combilift machines

Briggs is a supplier of the Combilift Warehousing Solutions

Side Loader

Briggs is a supplier of the Combilift Warehousing Solutions


Briggs is a supplier of the Combilift Warehousing Solutions


Briggs is a supplier of the Combilift Warehousing Solutions

Pedestrian Stacker

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