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Briggs fits the mould for alloy ingot manufacturer JBMI Group

Briggs fits the mould for alloy ingot manufacturer JBMI Group

Briggs fits the mould for alloy ingot manufacturer JBMI Group

JBMI Group Ltd, one of the largest and most innovative aluminum alloy ingot manufacturers in the United Kingdom, has just taken delivery of 13 Hyster forklift trucks supplied by Briggs Equipment to their site in Hixon, Staffordshire.

The JBMI Group has a strong heritage in recovery, recycling and reuse of industrial waste. This drive has placed the Group at the forefront of its market, supporting industries to reduce the waste they send to landfill and providing an expanding portfolio of recycled products to a growing customer base.

JBMI’s new fleet consists of five H4.0FT6 and eight H3.0FTs. The machines operate in a heavy industrial environment which can lead to them requiring a higher degree of maintenance than machines operating in a less arduous environment such as a warehouse. Due to previous high costs of repair, Briggs have been finding ways to help JBMI keep unnecessary costs down and one method was to fit the Optafleet telemetry system.

Optafleet is a modular system developed to meet the stringent demands of industrial environments that helps to ensure safety on the work floor and provide real-time management information and reduce the total cost of ownership of industrial vehicle fleets.

Within the first two weeks of having Optafleet the system has allowed the identification of patterns and trends in damage incidents, enabling the operations team to put into place preventative measures to ensure unnecessary damage to the machines can be avoided in future.

Another aspect of the system proposed by Briggs that appealed to JBMI’s team was the ability to specify speed limits to ensure that vehicles operate safely in confined spaces.

JBMI chose to move their fleet to Briggs because they were impressed with the support Briggs were able to provide during the switch to a new supplier. This included a product demonstration both at the demo area at Briggs’ National Service Centre in Cannock and at the customer site, a fast response from the Short Term Hire team for an urgent need, the ability to supply auto grease systems, and flexibility within both the contract, and BE finance.

Jim Wilkinson, Operations Manager at JBMI said; “A key factor in deciding to change to Briggs has been their commitment to up time of the fleet to a minimum of 95%.”

Hyster moving bullion   Hyster loading lorry

H3.0FToperating in a highly industrial environment.

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