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Choose Briggs and Hyster for handling building materials

Hyster Forklift perfectly suited for the building and construction industries

At Briggs, we work with businesses of all size from a wide range of industries. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to adapt our solutions and equipment to meet the requirements and demands of our customers. Our unique position in the market, enables us to work alongside a diverse portfolio of manufacturing partners. This means we are best placed to support our customers and help keep their business moving.

The building and construction industry is one that Briggs has a long history and a proven track record of supporting. One of the key reasons for this success, is Hyster’s range of forklifts that are specifically designed to operate in tough environments, perfect for handling building materials.

Alongside Hyster, we have put together five reasons why you should choose us to help support your building material handling needs!

  1. Safety First

Safety is embedded in our culture at Briggs, and we expect those same standards from the suppliers and manufacturers we work with. We are proud to support our customers with their own safety objectives and targets. Prior to any equipment installation, our expert team will carry out a detailed site evaluation to ensure you are making the correct equipment choice to meet the demands of your environment. This is especially important for building and construction companies, where the sites can often be rugged and tough equipment is required.

One of the many safety features available on the Hyster A Series forklifts, is the Dynamic Stability System (DSS). This aims to enhance stability, helping to prevent incidents that could disrupt operations and lead to higher insurance costs. Operator assistance features like enhanced lighting, camera systems, and load weight systems are also available to support operators depending on the specific application needs and may help contribute to safe operations.

2. Variable loads? No problem


Building materials come in various shapes, sizes, and weights. Hyster A Series lift trucks offer versatility and performance while handling challenging loads, at the same time reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Hyster high-capacity forklift trucks and container handlers, for loads of 8 tonnes or more, are also compatible with a range of attachments designed for efficient handling of diverse materials, helping to minimise damage and enhance operational efficiency.

3. Precision with telematics from Hyster


With the ability to grant truck access exclusively to trained operators, Hyster Tracker telematics helps minimise errors and supports safety. By tracking training updates, the wireless asset management system also has the ability to reinforce desired behaviours among operators. This aids operational efficiency and may reduce overall materials handling costs. The Hyster telematics solution also provides real-time impact monitoring and incident data, offering insights for route optimisation and operational enhancements. In a sector where precision matters, telematics may not only refine operator performance but also have the potential to elevate the entire materials handling process.

4. Top Performance in the harshest environments


Operations, manufacturing, storing, or transporting building materials expose lift trucks to extreme temperature variations, dust, and dirt. Hyster lift trucks are engineered for reliability in arduous conditions. For example, the Hyster A Series features robust powertrain components that thrive in industrial applications. The optional on-demand cooling system provides optimal operating temperatures, while various protective features safeguard the truck components from rugged conditions.

5. Meet your sustainability targets


Many businesses in the building materials industry are dedicated to driving sustainability in their operations. Transitioning from internal combustion forklifts to Hyster electric trucks helps significantly reduce emissions while also improving air quality for operators and other workers. When matched with the right application and operating intensity, lithium-ion batteries for Hyster forklifts may not only have a longer lifespan but also reduce waste and energy consumption.

Speak to our expert team today to find out more about how Briggs Equipment can support your business, no matter the requirements!

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