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Introducing the new way to move up to 8,000kgs – with MasterMover

Photo of the MasterMover PS800+ machines using the Multilink capability

We understand that each of our customers are unique, which means our solutions need to be able to keep pace with their ever-evolving requirements. Working closely with our manufacturing partners, we are able to provide equipment that can meet the challenges of today, tomorrow and beyond.

The PS800+ from MasterMover, is the company’s latest innovation and provides businesses with the capability to move loads of up to 8000kg via a remote control. This has significant safety benefits for the operator, who is able to take up the optimal position away from the load when executing movements.

MultiLink Capability

MasterMover PS800+ machines working at a customer in the Aerospace industry

The PS800+ provides customers with a solution that features MultiLink technology. (pictured right with a Briggs customer) This means that two or more machines can be linked together to work in sync, making the movement of awkward or long, heavy loads simple to achieve.

For example, a manufacturer of aeroplane wings could deploy two PS800+ units, one at each end of the load, under the control of a single operator. Or four PS800+ units could be deployed at each corner of a larger load.

Single operator movement use cuts down on manpower and increases efficiency. Our MultiLink solutions have previously been used to move a variety of loads, right up to wind turbine blades – previously notoriously tricky loads to move during the manufacturing process. Fortunately, MasterMover are able to make light work of this difficult task.


Keep your business moving with the PS800

Safety ✅

As with all solutions provided by Briggs Equipment, safety comes first. The PS800+ is equipped with a wide range of safety features that deliver benefits to operators and other on-site employees.

The machine includes four emergency stop buttons, an audible horn, a flashing beacon with audible alarm, a wireless transmitter with a safety shut-off if the signal is lost or interrupted, a caster guard for preventing entrapment and a hydraulic coupling that provides maximum load security.

The machine’s self-levelling hydraulic design means there is a highly secure connection to the load, so your operators don’t have to worry about unexpected and potentially dangerous disconnections.

The remote control means operators can stand back at a safe distance while executing precise movements.

Performance ✅

As standard with all MasterMover products, there is no compromise when it comes to performance. The powerful motor of the PS800+ means that the movement of heavy loads of up to 8,000kg.

A robust hydraulic mast and a coupling system provide maximum traction to the industrial drive wheel, while the drive motor and side loading industrial capacity battery supply the power to move.

Quality ✅

Designed using innovative software and featuring the latest electronics, the PS800+ is built to last. With a heavy-duty chassis built for indoor and outdoor operation, and non-marking polyurethane tyres, the PS800+ produces consistent performance and offers outstanding longevity and reliability.

Power ✅

Featuring interchangeable batteries, the PS800+ features high-performance, maintenance-free interchangeable batteries allowing for 24/7 machine operation.

A clear battery display gives the operator clear information regarding power status, so you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge. An optional Battery Protection System slows down the machine prior to full battery drain.

To find out more about how the PS800+ can help keep your business moving, click here to speak to our expert team!

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