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Combilift’s C-Series – The ultimate problem solver!

Increase efficiency, maximise productivity and get the most out of your warehouse, with the C-Series multi-directional forklifts from Combilift.

In an increasingly challenging economic environment, warehouses are constantly being challenged to create better value. The difficulties are particularly acute for these businesses as a ‘race for space’ ensues, pallet location costs continue to rise exponentially and supply chain sustainability targets are introduced.

Whether you need to improve safety, productivity or performance, the C-Series from Combilift is here to keep business moving!

Originality at its core

The C-Series is the original multi-directional forklift, designed specifically to improve workflow by effectively becoming three forklifts in one, a sideloader, counterbalance and narrow aisle forklift. This innovative approach avoids the costly practice of duplicating tasks and enables the user to get more done in less time.

The C-Series possesses the unique ability to quickly change the direction of its wheels and move in any direction. This versatility to transport long loads through narrow doorways and around objects, helps deliver unprecedented safety benefits to any operation.

Safety First

Talking about safety, when it comes to the design of the Combi C-series range, safety is at its heart. One of the key design features is its very low centre of gravity. Coupled with an integrated platform, this provides a supremely stable base for carrying long loads during transportation.

There is no longer the need to carry the load at elevated levels reducing the risk of injury or damage to the product. Safety is further enhanced by the innovative moving mast system and hydraulic forklift positioner allowing the operator to adjust the forks, reach out, lift the load, and place it on the platform without the need to leave the cab, reducing the risk of injury and strain. Visibility is greatly maximised by the having the cab mounted to the side of the mast. The operator has a clear view of the forks and the load, increasing safety and reducing the risk of product damage.

Solving your storage capacity problems

One of the key advantages of a 4-way forklift is that the C-series can operate simultaneously as a narrow aisle forklift.. By utilising the advantages of the Combi C-series the storage capacity of your site could be dramatically improved, by as much as 100%. The truck has the ability to operate as a sideloader carrying long loads in narrow aisles and has the agility to move around the entire site with confidence, considerable gains in storage density and throughput can be achieved.

A tailored solution to meet your needs

At Briggs, we have a proven track record of supporting businesses with their requirements no matter how complex they might be.

Speak to our expert and friendly team today to find out more about Combilift’s C-Series can help you overcome your warehouse challenges!

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