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Maximise your operational efficiency with Briggs Equipment

Specialist Warehouse Equipment from Yale Lift Truck TechnologiesGenerating maximum operational efficiency during an increasingly challenging economic climate is a key priority for businesses across the country.

The difficulties are particularly acute for those operating within a warehouse environment. As a ‘race for space’ ensues, pallet location costs continue to rise exponentially.

Alan Mood, Briggs Equipment’s Specialist Sales Solutions Manager, has been working directly with businesses throughout the UK to understand these specific challenges:

“It’s no secret that warehouses and supply chains need to adapt and evolve their operations to become more efficient, more sustainable and ultimately more productive. We have seen over the years the positive impacts that development to product technology and design can deliver to these sectors. However, alongside this product innovation, there are objectives such as sustainability, fuel efficiency, safety and automation that all need to be met.

“One of the most effective methods that businesses can adopt to ensure they achieve these goals is the adoption of a holistic approach to managing their operational environment. All too often we see disjointed attempts at introducing new products that are either not compatible with the surroundings or unsuitable for the task at hand. Through our dedicated Solutions Team we have the capability and expertise to take a step back and help you create an efficient, sustainable and future proof warehouse environment.

“By establishing strong partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers, we can to offer the most comprehensive range of sustainable warehouse specific products. This includes electric, LPG and automated options. This diversity in terms of product choice, combined with our rigorous site and operations evaluation process, means our customers have complete confidence in the solutions they invest in. It allows them build a robust fleet that can support ever-changing requirements.

“Long gone are the days where you could simply drop a new forklift into a warehouse and not worry about it for five years. We believe our customers should have the full picture of the performance, efficiency and safety of their fleet. Through our in-house BE Portal Fleet Management software, we’re able to deliver a substantial level of insight, which not only delivers instant feedback but it also provides clarity for future decision making.

“Because we are not focused on simply delivering for the present, we can be more agile and flexible in our approach. This means that as new technologies and innovations are introduced to the market, our customers will be in a better position. This is particularly relevant when you consider the rapid development in both automated and robotic solutions and their growing presence within many sectors.

“The skillset that we have within our team allows us to provide a complete solution to our customers. They are always very receptive to the fact that we can call upon this specialised resource and it undoubtedly gives them confidence in our capability to deliver complex VNA projects.

Speak to our team today to find out more about how Briggs Equipment can revolutionise your approach to warehouse operations.”

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