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The ultimate guide to electric tug batteries and charging – with MasterMover!

Electric Tugs from MasterMover deliver the safe, controlled movement of heavy-wheeled loads for many of our customers.

Alongside MasterMover, we have put together a comprehensive guide to electric tug batteries, charging and runtimes.

As with any electrical equipment, electric tow tugs and their corresponding batteries and chargers are understandably a key area of interest to potential operators.

What influences battery life?

Like any battery, the battery life of an electric tug or electric tow is determined by usage, specification, and environmental factors.

Battery life can be influenced by variables such as:

  • Navigation – icon
  • Load weight and route
  • Speed – icon
  • Run speed
  • Battery capacity – icon
  • Battery specification/size
  • Environmental conditions – icon
  • Environmental conditions

How long does the battery last on an electric tug?

While several factors influence battery life quite significantly, the below gives you an idea of the battery life for some of our electric tugs.

The battery life for electric tugs is quantified in kilometres to show the distances the units can travel on one charge.

To give you an idea about the battery life you can expect from an electric tug, we’ve included the battery life for some of our key models below.

The figures below are based on test conditions of:

A continuous movement of 75% of the rated maximum load weight. Use on a flat, painted concrete floor. Running at 3kph. Battery discharge down from 100% to 30%

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