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Crendon Timber invest in electric trucks from Briggs Equipment as part of sustainability drive

Crendon Timber invest in electric trucks from Briggs Equipment as part of sustainability drive


For over 50 years, Crendon Timber have been a leading UK manufacturer of timber roof trusses, panels, spandrels, open web joists, and a full range of engineered wood products. All of which can be offered on a design, supply, and fix basis.With sites throughout England, Crendon has a diverse customer portfolio.


Crendon Timber Engineering recently introduced their own sustainability targets, which aim to reduce their environmental impact through investment in green technology and processes. One of their first actions was to evaluate their existing industrial equipment fleet and work with long-term partner Briggs Equipment to identify a cost-effective and viable way of switching to electric machines. Sustainability and reducing environmental impact is high on the agenda for businesses in every industry. At Briggs Equipment we are working with new and existing customers to support their sustainability objectives and create an effective long-term carbon strategy.


After agreeing a long-term implementation plan of new electric equipment across their UK sites, the first phase of Combilift-CBE Multi Directional Forklifts were recently delivered. These machines are already having a positive impact on-site and have fitted seamlessly into their operations. Crendon are currently trialing electric sideloaders and multidirectional trucks on two of their sites. This is part of their ongoing programme to replace existing fleet of trucks over the next few years and make the switch to an all-electric fleet.


This is a significant commitment by Crendon Timber and we have worked closely with their Management Team right throughout the process to ensure the new equipment can help them meet their sustainability targets without compromising on performance. A key consideration for many businesses, including Crendon, is the high running costs associated with using diesel, especially given the recent removal of red diesel tax exemptions.


Ed Kirk, Crendon Timber’s Operations, Innovation and Sustainability Director, commented: “As two leading firms in their respective fields, Crendon Timber and Briggs have worked in partnership for several years, Briggs manage our fleet of sideloaders, multi-directional and forklift trucks. “As part of our cleaner environment sustainability programme to reduce emissions and lower running costs, Crendon Timber are introducing electric trucks. We have already taken delivery of electric multi directional forklifts in East Harling and Glastonbury.”

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