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GSK in Irvine let Briggs find a simple solution for what others had found a complicated problem

GSK in Irvine let Briggs find a simple solution for what others had found a complicated problem

When one of the largest pharmaceuticals companies in the world comes up against a very complicated problem, there is one simple solution. Call in the team from Briggs.

When GSK in Irvine (Scotland) realised they had find a way to carry out complicated maintenance work on their plant and the incumbent forklift truck suppliers could not offer a solution, they asked Scotia Handling Service if they knew of a way.

Scotia contacted Briggs Equipment and asked if we could help. After a site visit and discussions with Maintenance and Health and Safety teams on the site, we soon realised why they needed Briggs’ support – this was not going to be straight forward.

They required a machine to work in a zoned area with limited height access. The difficulty did not stop there however, once in place the machine would be required to operate in a confined space and lift an awkward load at height.

Alex Campbell, Regional Sales Executive decided to get Combilift involved. After a further site visit and more in-depth discussions the idea took shape.

The answer was a Combilift CS1250 with inverted 1,800mm forks manufactured to an individual specification with addition supports to secure the load. Pyroban carried out a zone 2 conversion.

Rosie Wiseman, Managing Director of Scotia Handling Services commented:

“We worked with Briggs Equipment on the supply of the modified Combilift to GSK and their service was excellent. Throughout the process there were a few delays that were outside of either of our control, however, Briggs kept us informed and we worked together to ensure that we continued to provide a good service to the end user. Briggs’ knowledge of the product was faultless and Alex was a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process. It was a long road but we got there in the end and the customer was very pleased with the outcome. The truck is now in service and proving to be a success, the Maintenance team and Health & Safety representatives are delighted with the end result as Brian Walker Lead Engineer described. “This was a difficult and complex application due to limitations on space, with the reach, height and lifting capacity required. We have received a fantastic tool which is making our lives safer and quicker.”

This proves once again that Briggs Equipment really is a solutions provider and not just a supplier.

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