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Yorkshire Water Services keeps cleanliness at the heart of their business

Yorkshire Water Services keeps cleanliness at the heart of their business

Yorkshire Water Services provide clean water and sanitation every day for over five million people in the East Midlands, and have a number of sites throughout the whole of Yorkshire. Yorkshire Water Services became a Briggs customer over two years ago and since the relationship began Briggs have worked very closely with them and supplied them with a number of machines across eight sites.

Fleet rationalisation brings cost savings

The existing fleet were either fully owned by YWS, or on short term hire agreements. Since switching the short term hire agreements to a combination of outright purchase and long term rental agreements, the cost savings have meant that some of the machines have already paid for themselves. The new machines meant YWS could rationalise the fleet and get rid of some of the units they had previously, for example the JCBs replaced a couple of cranes were used to replace pumps in the sludge tanks. Previously these were manually hoisted and this was a four man job, but now by using the JCBs to retrieve the pumps it is only a two man job. So there is definitely a saving on man hours across a number of our operations. The new machines have helped to enable a seamless process.

Andy Williams, Master Tools and Equipment Project Leader at YWS Foxbridge, said; “Dealing with Briggs makes my job so much simpler. My Briggs representative visits all of the sites and carries out the assessments to ensure that they are provided with exactly what they need. This saves me a job and means that we receive specialist advice. The handover process is always much more successful too as a proper familiarisation is done with staff so they know how to use the equipment as soon as it arrives, whereas previously lack of confidence in using it has meant it has been under-utilised.”

Truckcare agreement increases uptime

There was no existing maintenance schedule so an engineer was only called out when machines needed to be fixed, which meant extended downtime and costly call out fees. Now all health and safety and maintenances is sorted and pre-empted so machine up time has significantly increased. The machines also now have full LOLERs which they didn’t have previously. Any inspections that are required; Briggs just takes care of them.

Hako machines increase health and safety on site

The machines, in some instances, were not fit for purpose or were clunky and difficult to use. For example the existing scrubber-dryer was pedestrian powered and due to its size and weight was unpopular with staff, therefore meaning cleaning wasn’t being done as frequently as it should have been.

Due to the machine not having a sweeping function, the warehouse and yard were also being swept by hand, which was an arduous job and meant that dust and debris were simply being moved rather than completely removed so often blew back into the warehouse.

The solution for this was to introduce the Hako B75R Scrubmaster and B980R Sweepmaster to work in conjunction; the Sweepmaster removed the need for manual sweeping with a brush and saved on average a day a week. The Scrubmaster is a ride-on machine that during demo proved to lift most of the rubber tyre marks and grime that were ingrained into the surface of the warehouse floor.

The ease of use means that staff are more inclined to keep the warehouse clean and tidy and dust-free, which means that the high-value water valves stored in there don’t get dirt ingresses into them. Health and safety also increased on site as pedestrians within the warehouse are minimised.


Andy concluded “Briggs have helped to solve a multitude of problems and provided a number of benefits above the previous suppliers including reduced fleet size, a reduced need for manual handling, a reduced total cost of ownership of equipment, and removed the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers. I just have one number to call for all of my material handling needs.”

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