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Five reasons to call our Short Term Hire experts for Hako cleaning equipment

Five reasons to call our Short Term Hire experts for Hako cleaning equipment

Since Briggs Equipment became the national dealer for Hako in 2017, the partnership has gone from strength to strength proving that the combination of high quality equipment and industry leading service support is an essential solution for a variety of businesses across the UK.

The partnership brings with it a number of key benefits including a guaranteed maximum 3-hour service response that was previously unheard of within the cleaning industry which recognises the importance of cleaning equipment in the continuity of operations.

A recent development for the partnership is the investment in a number of Hako machines for the Briggs Short Term Hire fleet. Although the machines have only been available on a Short Term Hire basis for a few weeks, the demand for them has already led to an order for further machines.

Here are five good reasons to book a Hako machine through Short Term Hire:

  1. Save on man-hours – Using a cleaning machine is less labour intensive than using a traditional mop and bucket or broom and will save you hundreds of man-hours per year. Why not enquire to see how quickly your Hako machine could pay for itself?
  2. Superior finish – Hako machines can a variety of brush attachments and chemicals, so we will be able to help you identify the ideal solution for your floor surface. This means you can get a much better, deeper clean than using traditional labour intensive methods.
  3. Complete removal of dust and debris – Sweeping or using a mop and bucket often means you are moving dust and debris around your site rather than removing it. Don’t compromise on your employees’ working conditions and environment, use a Hako.
  4. Expert advice and guidance – Call the experts, Our Short Term Hire team have received extensive product training on the entire Hako range, so are able to identify the best machine for your environment meaning you don’t have to be the expert.
  5. Try before you buy – Why not discover the impact a Hako cleaning machine can have on your business environment. Short Term Hire means that you can do this with no long term commitment. If you like your Hako so much that you want to keep it, we can find create a bespoke finance package to suit you through our BE Finance solution.

Don’t just take our word for it, find out how Yorkshire Water Services have been getting on after replacing their traditional labour intensive methods with two Hakos in our latest case study.

“The Sweepmaster removed the need for manual sweeping with a brush and saved on average a day a week. The Scrubmaster is a ride-on machine that during demo proved to lift most of the rubber tyre marks and grime that were ingrained into the surface of the warehouse floor. The ease of use means that staff are more inclined to keep the warehouse clean and tidy and dust-free.” – Andy Williams, Yorkshire Water Services.

For a quote or more information call Briggs Short Term Hire on 0800 26 26 81.

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