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Hako Roboscrub | The autonomous cleaning solution for your business

Hako Roboscrub | The autonomous cleaning solution for your business

Hako Roboscrub | The autonomous cleaning solution for your business

Briggs Equipment, in conjunction with its partner Hako Machines, is delighted to introduce the Roboscrub 20, an innovative new product that meets the growing demand for autonomous floor care.

Roboscrub 20 is an advanced, vision-based scrubbing system capable of navigating complex, real-world environments whilst also increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Using a series of advanced sensors installed to prevent impacts, the Roboscrub is able to steer clear of obstacles, people and abrupt changes in floor height. Furthermore, the stopping distance for the machine is approximately half that of a human operator, ensuring maximum safety at all times.

The detailed data reporting tool provided by the Roboscrub is also a huge benefit for businesses, as it enables accurate analysis of total usage, which helps better inform budgetary and operational decisions. This includes identifying trouble spots, confirming compliance and determining whether staff require any additional training.

Additional benefits include:

  • Manual or autonomous mode available
  • New technology requires no infrastructure modifications
  • Capable of navigating complex and dynamic environments
  • Ensures consistent and reliable floor care performance
  • Allows employees to focus on higher value tasks
  • Simple operator setup and use
  • Ability to store and memorise up to sixty routes with the integrated BrainOS software

Leigh Mason, Briggs Equipment’s Business Development Director, commented: “We are delighted to welcome the new Roboscrub 20 machine from Hako to our extensive range of industrial cleaning solutions.

“Never before has the importance of a quality and effective industrial cleaning solution been clearer. The new Roboscrub machine is a fantastic option for businesses who are looking to achieve a comprehensive clean of their facility, whilst minimising disruption to normal working operations.

“The development of an autonomous cleaning solution is a huge leap forward for the industry and underlines the ongoing commitment from Hako and Briggs towards product innovation. We also offer flexible hire and purchase options for customers, with quick decisions and agreements via our in-house Briggs Finance platform.”

To find out more about autonomous cleaning solutions, call 03301 23 98 50 or e-mail [email protected].

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