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Briggs Insight – Operator comfort a top priority with the Series N from Yale

Briggs Insight – Operator comfort a top priority with the Series N from Yale

What can sometimes be forgotten in amongst all of the promotion surrounding new industrial equipment, is the operator themselves. At Briggs, we work with manufacturers who not only develop products that work for businesses, but also reduce strain and promote a comfortable and safe working environment for those at the controls.

The new Series N forklift range from Yale is a clear example of a product that has been developed at all times with the operator in mind. Previous users of Yale forklifts will recognise the easy to follow, comfortable and ergonomic layout of the Series N, but there are significant additional features included with this new machine.

One of the most obvious of these is the full colour touch screen display with integrated technology that delivers modern functionality and quick, easy access to all of the vital truck information. This also provides the driver with a straightforward view to the telemetry functionality including the rear facing camera and load weight indicator.

When working at height there’s further improvements for the driver, with a reinforced clear glass roof providing a clear field of vision and enabling greater precision during use.

Yale Series N – The truck that works for the driver

  • Reduced noise – measured at 78 dB(A) with the open overhead guard
  • Reduced whole body vibration – 0.5m/s2 which is far below maximum 1.15m/s2 allowed exposure
  • 35% increase in field of vision
  • Trademark ergonomic cab design and control layout
  • Digital touchscreen display
  • Fully adjustable armrest and suspension seat

So, what are the benefits are developing a product that has so many clear benefits for the operator?

Briggs Equipment’s Group Sales & Marketing Director, Leigh Edgley, explains in further detail:

“One of the best ways that a business can demonstrate commitment to its people is the investment in technology and products that are not only comfortable and straightforward to use, but also help keep them safe whilst on the job and long into the future.

“For example, the ergonomic design of the Yale Series N cab provides a 35% increase when viewing through the masts, making the driver feel more comfortable and safe during operation. In addition, the fully adjustable suspension seat and easy three point access helps reduce driver fatigue, stress and injury. This can result in less time off work for operators due to avoidable incidents and improved morale and job satisfaction.

“As a company that puts safety first every time, we understand the impact that can be made with a clear commitment to safety. By choosing the N Series from Yale you’ll be putting your drivers first and helping to create a happier, safer and ultimately more productive working environment.”

To find out more about how the Yale Series N can support your business, get in touch via: [email protected]

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