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Short Term Hire in focus | Warehouse equipment

Short Term Hire in focus | Warehouse equipment

With the rise of online shopping continuing to gather pace, warehouses are becoming increasingly important resources for many businesses.

Achieving warehouse efficiency can be a tricky prospect, especially as they are usually very busy environments with lots of moving parts. However, have you considered the benefits that short term hire could bring to your warehouse facility?

Manage demand

2020 was the year of the unexpected, but from a warehouse management perspective it highlighted how demand can peak at any time and at short notice. The Coronavirus lockdowns meant millions of people across the UK were confined to their homes and were unable to visit high street stores in the usual fashion. This led to a surge in demand for online goods and inevitably it was the warehouses and distribution centres that had to deal with this increased workload.

This scenario can be overwhelming to companies who aren’t flexible in their approach. If staff aren’t able to pick or sort orders quickly enough due to equipment shortages, then delays and missed deadlines for the end customer are inevitable. However, companies can mitigate this risk by supplementing their existing fleet with additional short term hire machines as and when demands requires.

This also helps to avoid committing large amounts of cash to an outright purchase, which would only be required to meet a short term surge in activity. At Briggs Equipment we have a high quality range of specialist warehouse equipment, enabling you to stay on top of your workload, manage efficiency and keep business moving.

Keep cost under control

One of the key advantages of short term hire, is that you don’t need to make a large upfront cash commitment to access your equipment. This can help free up capital for other areas of your business and provide greater financial flexibility in the long term.

At Briggs we offer extremely competitive hire rates as well as running seasonal offers to help you effectively manage cashflow, whilst still hiring the warehouse equipment you need.


Trusted Products

As the UK’s leading asset management specialist, we provide warehouse equipment from trusted manufacturers. Whether it’s access equipment, pallet stackers, forklifts or VNA machines, we have the solutions to meet your requirements.

Each piece of equipment undergoes a robust maintenance and inspection programme before it leaves our site to ensure that it’s compliant with all current safety standards.

When you hire from Briggs Equipment, you can be sure that you’ll be receiving safe, quality and reliable products backed up by a nationwide network of engineers and short term hire specialists.

The expert’s view

At Briggs Equipment, we have a dedicated team of hire specialists, and our Head of Short Term Hire, Steve Fogg provides his thoughts on the benefits warehouses can experience by hiring:

“Warehouses are unique environments that are prone to spikes in demand and activity. Therefore, businesses should always be on the lookout for opportunities to supplement their existing fleet of core machines with high quality short term hire equipment. Our hire business, allows for greater flexibility and the ability to access a wider variety of specialist equipment. Whether it’s VNA machines, access equipment or pallet stackers that you require, hiring provides a  much greater choice and allows your business to become more responsive and agile to industry demands.”

Click here to find out more about the short term hire solutions available from Briggs Equipment.

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