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#ProudtobeBriggs | Phil Heeley

#ProudtobeBriggs | Phil Heeley

At Briggs Equipment our Engineers are the heartbeat our business. They support our customers when they need us most to help keep business keeps moving.

We have a fantastic team of mobile service engineers located across the UK and Ireland who all play a crucial role in the success of our Group. We’re proud of the work our Engineers deliver on a daily basis and through a series of articles, we hope to highlight some of the individual career stories of our people and the work they carry out in supporting our customers across the country.

What is your job title and what area do you cover?

Hello, I’m Phil and I’m a Field Service Engineer who covers the East of England.

How long have you worked for Briggs?

I’ve worked at Briggs for 21 years.

What does a typical day look like for you?

It really does vary and it’s unlikely that any two days will be the same. We obviously do a lot of servicing and maintenance work, but the variety of equipment allows you to get involved with different types of work.

At one of my customer sites there are over 40 pieces of kit, all of which require an individual approach. There is some really interesting machinery that we get to work on outside of the traditional materials handling equipment, including cleaning machines, trailers, mini-diggers and much more.

as a Briggs Engineer by [email protected] for more information.

How has the role changed over the years?

The technology has moved on significantly over the years and as Engineers we need to stay on top of those developments to make sure we’re able to accurately service and maintain the equipment.

There’s obviously been the introduction of more electric machines into the workplace and the product offering from Briggs is always expanding. This helps keep you on your toes and means that you’re always learning and improving as an Engineer.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Keeping customers happy is a massive part of the job and it’s something that I get lots of satisfaction from.

Some of the customers I work with might only have one truck and you know that it’s down to you to keep their operation running. It doesn’t matter how big or small a customer is, you want to make sure you do a great job for them.

Building a good relationship helps make your job easier and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some brilliant people over the years. I’ve been able to make friends through work with both colleagues and customers, which is quite unique when you talk to other people outside of Briggs. In conversations with my Manager I often say that I’m getting paid for doing my hobby. It’s a job that I love doing and it’s great to a play a part in supporting our customers by keeping their equipment up and running.

How are you supported at Briggs Equipment with training and development?

Really well and it’s an area that keeps getting better. Any Engineer will know that the support and training provided is so important to how well you can carry out a job. We’ve got a fantastic training and development team and the courses we take part in are always engaging and relevant.

What would you say to someone who was considering joining Briggs Equipment?

I’d tell them to apply straight away! It’s a brilliant place to work and over the years I’ve recommended lots of people many of whom are still with the company and enjoying it.

My son, Morgan is an Apprentice Engineer with Briggs in his final year and it makes me proud to see the way he’s embraced the role and been supported by the business. It was great to get the chance to work alongside him during his apprenticeship and he’s now out and about visiting customer sites. He still rings up for advice and it just shows how much Briggs is like a family.

Start your journey as a Briggs Engineer by emailing [email protected] for more information.

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