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Celebrating ten years of BE Safe on The Briggs Equipment Podcast

Graphic highlighting episode 27 of The Briggs Equipment Podcast.

At Briggs, we have been at the forefront of promoting safety in the industries we operate in. One of our significant contributions to this cause is the BE Safe initiative, which we launched a decade ago. In the latest episode of the BriggsEquipment podcast, we get an in-depth look at this initiative from none other than Gavin Wickham, the Group Engineering Services Director.

The BE Safe Initiative: Origins and Evolution

The BE Safe initiative was not just another safety process on paper. It was a project that was closely tied to the heart of our business, reflecting our commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of their employees, clients, and everyone associated with them.

Over the past decade, the BE Safe initiative has undergone significant evolution, adapting to the changing requirements of the industry and incorporating the latest safety protocols. This initiative has played a crucial role in shaping the safety culture at BriggsEquipment, influencing every aspect of our operations.

Gavin Wickham on the BE Safe Initiative

In the latest episode of The Briggs Equipment Podcast, Gavin Wickham, the Group Engineering Services Director, provides an insightful discussion about all things safety. As someone who has been closely associated with the BE Safe initiative, Gavin offers an insider’s perspective on its origins, development, and impact.

Gavin’s conversation is not just about the past and the present of the BE Safe initiative. He also sheds light on the future direction of this safety protocol, hinting at some of the exciting developments that we can look forward to.

The Crucial Contribution of our people

The success of the BE Safe initiative is not solely due to the vision of its leaders. A significant part of its success is attributed to the people of Briggs, who deliver a crucial contribution every single day. The commitment and adherence to safety protocols by every employee, from the top management to the ground staff, has played a significant role in making the BE Safe initiative a success.

Listen to the Latest Episode of The Briggs Equipment Podcast

Listening to the latest episode of the BriggsEquipment podcast is a must for everyone associated with the industry. The episode featuring Gavin Wickham is now live, and you can listen to it by clicking here.

Don’t forget to subscribe on Spotify, where you can hear all our previous episodes. Stay tuned for more insightful conversations and learnings from Briggs people and our customers.

The dedication of BriggsEquipment to safety is evident in their initiatives and the conversations they engage in. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the BE Safe initiative, it’s fascinating to look back at the journey and anticipate the future developments in this crucial aspect of the industry.

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