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Customer Experience #InFocus – Sam Watts

Sam Watts, Customer Experience Specialist

As part of our #InFocus series, we have sat down with the Customer Experience Team to find out more about their key role in Keeping Business Moving for Briggs customers and what they enjoy most about their work. We also find out more about the people behind the role!

🗣 In our latest installment, we speak to Sam Watts, Customer Experience Specialist…

What is your job role at Briggs?

Customer Experience Specialist

How long have you been working at Briggs?

Almost 11 years!

What does your job role involve?

As a team we focus on continuously improving and managing the overall experience of our customers. We want to create a satisfying customer journey which will lead to customer loyalty and retention.

There are many parts to our role, we reach out to our smaller LTR customers at least once per year. These are the customers who may not have much demand for a face to face contract manager but are just as important as our larger Key or National accounts. We quite often only see these customers once a year to service their machine so it is important we maintain a relationship to ensure they keep renewing their contract with us.

We also manage any customer feedback received via various channels including surveys, emails and face to face meetings. We like to promote, encourage and share praise both internally using Perform and Yammer and externally on Linked In or Facebook.

The Customer Experience Team also facilitate the investigation of any customer concerns that are raised. We ensure the issues are investigated and a corrective action put in place depending on the root cause. The data is analysed and used to improve or change processes, share ideas and look for areas where we can make marginal gains which in turn all have a huge impact on our customers experience.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love talking to customers even if this is not always a positive conversation it gives us the chance to learn about our business and gives us an opportunity to improve. I also love the variety; no two days are ever the same and the plan at 7am in the morning is usually out of the window by 9am! We have a very positive and enthusiastic team, and we are all very proud of what we do.

What is your proudest moment as part of the team?

Winning an award from Customer Gauge not once but twice were huge highlights for us but watching us grow and learn day on day makes me really proud and I can’t wait to see what is in store in the future!

What is your biggest achievement as part of the team?

My biggest achievement is my personal growth in confidence. From awkward conversations to challenging people on processes who may be in a senior position or presenting to a team or customer I have faced them all and because I am so passionate and proud of what we do as a Team it does get less scary!

How do you see our Customer Experience service evolving moving forward?

With everyone on board, the introduction of new systems and the constant work we are doing to listen to our customers I hope to see us being easier to work with as one team and aligning our group businesses so no matter who our customers deal with, the experience will be something they will want to share for all the right reasons!

What’s your favourite film?

I don’t really have time for films but if I had to chose it would be a light-hearted comedy. Something like Bridesmaids!

Favourite meal?

I like a nice steak or homemade curry.

Favourite Musician?

This depends on my mood I like anything from UB40 to a bit of drum and bass. Maybe I should share a playlist one day!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

You will appreciate it more, if you have to work hard for it.

Who are your role-models?

My daughter! She may only be 5 years old but she has faced the world with such strength and confidence and is so passionate about learning new things she is truly inspirational ❤

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