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Customer Experience #InFocus – Gail Tonkinson

As part of our #InFocus series, we have sat down with the Customer Experience Team to find out more about their key role in Keeping Business Moving for Briggs customers and what they enjoy most about their work. We also find out more about the people behind the role!

In our first installment, we speak to Gail Tonkinson, Customer Experience Specialist.

How long have you been working at Briggs? 

6 Years

What does your job role involve?

To promote customer centricity throughout the business, monitor the customer feedback, NPS Scores and NPS Reporting. Facilitate customer concerns. I also look after the 1-5 LTR Customers for the South and hold contract review meetings for these customers. Provide our Non-Responders and Responders with summaries of quarterly feedback.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The diversity of the role, no day is the same. Its challenging too, so never boring. I love the analytics behind NPS and investigations / deep dives into providing ideas of how we can try and improve areas of the business for Briggs.

What is your proudest moment as part of the team?

It must be the first year winning the Close the Loop award (Twice) with CustomerGauge. Knowing I was part of the team that achieved that felt great!

What is your biggest achievement as part of the team?

My biggest team achievement was boosting Briggs’ NPS and boosting response rates to 25%, nearly doubling our response rate. It was a tough task due to messy data that required extensive cleaning. I established a daily routine, closely monitored data quality, spent hours in Salesforce, and communicated with customers and managers. As the NPS Champion, I aimed for perfection, remaining patient when facing challenges. Our hard work paid off, with recognition from the directors too after winning the Close the Loop award for the second year in a row.

How do you see our Customer Experience service evolving moving forward?

This is a hard question to answer as the possibilities to grow are endless. But to include the following in Briggs journey with customer experience. We will aim to make interactions effortless by ensuring a smooth, consistent experience across various channels like websites, apps, and live reporting. Predictive analytics will be used to anticipate customer needs, providing quicker and more efficient support to boost satisfaction. Additionally, we will continue to actively seek and act upon customer feedback, using real-time methods to adapt swiftly to changing opinions. These enhancements ultimately prioritise customer happiness and convenience.

What’s your favourite film?

My Cousin Vinny… This film made me obsessed with American Law and Trials 😊

Favourite meal?

A good steak with a side of anything fried (and a tiny bit of salad)!

Favourite Musician?

My Son Connagh

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Be grateful for what you have no matter how little, the life you have will always be more important that the money you have.

Who are your role-models?

My mom will always be first and foremost! I don’t know anyone stronger or more hard working than her.

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