Briggs Advice for cleaning in a healthcare environment

Essentials for Healthcare Cleaning

Briggs Equipment has built up a superb reputation for delivering comprehensive cleaning solutions across a wide range of industries, and this includes customers from across the healthcare sector.

We’ve included below some of the key benefits that our cleaning solutions can deliver for healthcare providers:

Hygiene standards

Hygiene requirements within the NHS and care home are understandably high and they do an excellent job in difficult circumstances to ensure their environments maintain the highest level of hygiene compliance.

At Briggs, we work closely with Hako to supply products that can fit seamlessly into clinical areas.

Infection control is a key priority for all hospital trusts, and one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of infections is to keep all environments, clinical and non-clinical, as clean as they possibly can be. Whilst the health benefits of maintaining a high-level of hygiene are obvious, there are also significant additional benefits for both staff and patients, including the reduction of absence rates, removal of slip hazards and the ability to keep wards & visiting areas open.

Servicing & Maintenance support

For healthcare organisations the prospect of having one or multiple cleaning machines out of service is a nightmare scenario. From a hygiene standpoint, certain areas may not be able to be treated for a considerable amount of time and it can divert valuable staff resources away from other duties.

Brgs has built an unrivalled reputation for a nationwide coverage of engineering service support and is able to respond within hours to all breakdown reports. This level of service provides our customers with the peace of mind that they’ll quickly be able to get back up and running at full capacity in the event of an issue.

Cost efficiency

As a Briggs customer, you’ll have access to our BE Portal and Briggs Finance platforms, which are our in-house fleet management and financing solutions.

Briggs Finance is specifically designed to create tailored hire agreements based on a business’s individual requirements.

At a time when many health organisations in the public and private sectors are feeling the financial strain, the ability to save money and simultaneously improve quality is a huge incentive and allows additional funds to be directed towards patient care.

Suitable Equipment

One of the common problems that occurs with cleaning operations in any business is the tendency to deploy equipment for multiple applications that they aren’t suited or designed for. As much as it’s desirable to have a ‘one size fits all’ solution, to achieve the right results, it’s important to have access to a diverse fleet to meet all the requirements.

The Hako range of products provides our customers with high-performance solutions that are reliable, robust and, most importantly, perfectly suited to operate in hospitals.

Most NHS Trusts are large sites featuring a variety of buildings each serving a different purpose, whether that’s patient care, office spaces, public walkways or outdoor areas. The cleaning equipment fleet should reflect the diversity of the environment and without that specialism, the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire operation can be dramatically reduced.

Minimal disruption

Hospitals are notoriously busy, but also sensitive, places where every precaution must be taken to maximise patient experience and comfort. Within many wards and departments, space and time are scarce commodities and the concept of a heavy-duty industrial machine may not seem compatible. However, Hako’s products can effectively meet these requirements by offering compact, highly manoeuvrable and low-noise products.

The equipment delivers superior cleaning of surgeries, wards, sanitary facilities, hallways and kitchens, boosting the hospital’s overall operational performance.

Find out more about our specific healthcare cleaning equipment by calling 03301 23 98 50 or emailing [email protected]

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