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The Hako scrubber dryer range is unrivalled in the industrial cleaning market and is the preferred choice for many businesses across the country.

The Scrubmaster range works by using a combination of rotating mechanical brushes and cleaning solution to achieve a superior result. The residue is then collected by the squeegee blades and powerful vacuum to leave the area both spotlessly clean and dry.

The Products

Within the Hako scrubber dryer range, there are a wide selection of products to help meet all circumstances and requirements. To achieve this superior clean, Hako’s scrubber dryers use professionally developed and environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, that are specifically designed to work in industrial environments. Whether it’s a ride on or pedestrian machine, Hako has developed an application suitable for every environment.

For more of an in-depth look at some of the individual scrubber dryer machines, watch this video or click here to view our YouTube playlist.

For a full list of all Hako scrubber dryers available from Briggs Equipment, please click here.

Hako Scrubmaster B120R

Mechanical v Manual?

Hako’s Scrubmaster products are considerably more effective than manual floor cleaning options.

They are much less labour intensive than mopping and achieve a more consistent and reliable clean in less time.

A scrubber dryer will not only clean your floor, but it will quickly dry the area that’s been cleaned, something which is impossible to achieve when manually wet mopping.

There are also significant health and safety benefits that come with using an industrial scrubber dryer. The action of manual cleaning can easily spread dirt and germs across an area and the water that’s being used is usually being reapplied from a bucket, which means whilst an area might appear clean it almost certainly isn’t.

Hire or purchase?

At Briggs Equipment we have a wide range of flexible short term hire and contract rental options available for our industrial cleaning equipment and this includes the Hako scrubber dryer products. Hiring provides your business with the opportunity to obtain high quality cleaning machines without the large up-front cash commitment that’s needed when purchasing outright.

Whether you need to meet short term demand or you’re looking for a more long term solution, we can provide a flexible solution to meet your budget.

There are lots of benefits to hiring your cleaning equipment, click here to read more about how a short term hire, or contract rental could be the right choice for your business.

How to find out more!

Our dedicated cleaning team are on hand and available to answer your questions, so please get in touch today and find out more about how a Hako scrubber dryer can help keep your business moving!

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