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The Hako Sweepmaster range provides a substantial upgrade for businesses who currently rely on manual broom sweeping. They are market leading when compared to competing products and are suitable for all types of industrial and commercial companies with premises to clean.

The Products

The Sweepmaster machines are specifically designed to effectively clean large areas by removing dirt and debris from the surface. They feature several unique features and award winning technology such as the dust stop jacket, which helps prevent dust from rising and settling in difficult to reach areas.

Each pedestrian floor sweeper is highly manoeuvrable and provides a safe cleaning environment. Whether you’re looking to sweep a shop floor, shopping centre, factory or warehouse you’ll be able to achieve a consistent and superior clean.

For a more in-depth look at the Sweepmaster range, watch the Hako Sweepmaster B800 in action below:

Hako Sweepmaster B800

For a full list of all Hako industrial sweepers available from Briggs Equipment, please click here 

Mechanical v Manual?

Industrial cleaning solutions have many benefits in comparison to traditional methods. When it comes to sweepers, one of the key benefits is the ease in which a machine can take care of debris and dirt of all sizes in comparison to manual sweeping. For example, each time a cleaner using a broom comes across a large or medium sized piece of dirt, they will need to stop and physically remove it. This causes significant time delays, is unreliable and in turn has an impact on productivity. With a Hako industrial sweeper these issues are easily overcome and features such as the easy to use dust flap operation enable a comprehensive clean of any area.

Hire or purchase?

Whether you’re looking for a short or long term solution, our Briggs Finance system allows to manage your budget while making sure your premises are clean, tidy. Safe and hygienic for your employees.

There are lots of benefits to hiring your cleaning equipment, click here to read more about how hiring could be the right choice for your business.

How to find out more!

Our dedicated cleaning team are on hand and available to answer your questions, so please get in touch today and find out more about how a Hako scrubber dryer can help keep your business moving!

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