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Transforming the Timber Industry with Combilift

The timber industry is a sector filled with unique challenges and demands. One of the major issues faced in this industry is the handling of wood products. These products come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and weights, making them quite tricky to handle. From lumber frames to long pieces, these bulky loads often require special treatment that the regular forklifts struggle to provide.

Imagine trying to manoeuvre a standard forklift through a warehouse filled with a variety of timber products. While some of these loads may be straightforward to handle, others may be bulky and cumbersome. Some products may be too long or wide for the regular forklifts to handle safely and efficiently. The operators often find themselves in situations where they have to risk lifting loads unsafely to avoid obstacles or resort to using extra forklifts. This not only increases the risk of accidents but also drives up operational costs.

Comblift CB-70E moving Timber Products within a warehouse EnvironmentThe Revolutionary Combi-CB70E Forklift

This is where the Combi-CB70E comes into play. Designed by Combilift, a pioneer in forklift technology, and supplied by Briggs Equipment, the Combi-CB70E is a multidirectional forklift all-rounder. Its design and functionality are tailored to address the unique challenges posed by the timber industry.

The Combi-CB70E’s multidirectional capabilities make it possible to transport long loads sideways, a feature that is particularly useful when dealing with long timber products. This ability to move loads in all directions not only enhances maneuverability but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents and damage to goods. It also eliminates the need for multiple forklifts, thereby reducing operational costs.

With the Combi-CB70E, operators can handle a wide variety of loads with ease, improving efficiency and productivity in the timber industry. It is a game-changer that is set to revolutionize how timber products are handled, making the entire process safer and more cost-effective.


In conclusion, the Combi-CB70E is a revolutionary piece of machinery that addresses the unique challenges faced by the timber industry. With its multidirectional capabilities, it not only enhances safety and efficiency but also reduces operational costs. The Combi-CB70E is indeed a game-changer that is set to transform the timber industry.

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