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Unlock your potential with Short Term Hire solutions from Briggs Equipment

Unlock your potential with Short Term Hire Solutions from Briggs Equipment

Are you finding it difficult to meet the increasing demands of your business operation? Do you often face situations where you need immediate access to certain equipment to manage your tasks effectively? If the answer is yes, then Short Term Hire materials handling solutions from Briggs Equipment is the right choice for you.

What is Short Term Hire Material Handling Equipment?

Short term hire material handling equipment refers to the equipment that you can hire for a short period to meet your immediate operational requirements. It is a cost-effective solution to handle unexpected or seasonal increases in activity and demand without investing in expensive machinery. The best part is that you can access a wide range of equipment as per your need.

What Can You Hire?

With Briggs Equipment, you can rent a variety of equipment including forklifts, rough terrain machines, cleaning equipment, warehouse equipment, and much more. Here is a brief description of each:


Forklifts are essential for any warehouse or industrial setting. They are used for lifting and transporting heavy goods from one place to another. With our short term hire service, you can access various types of forklifts from leading manufacturers as per your need.

Rough Terrain Machines

Rough terrain machines are perfect for outdoor construction or industrial projects. They are designed to operate on uneven surfaces and can handle heavy loads. Our service allows you to rent these machines for your temporary needs.

Cleaning Equipment

Keeping your workspace clean is crucial for your productivity and health. We offer a range of cleaning equipment for hire, including industrial vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, and more.

Warehouse Equipment

Managing a warehouse effectively requires various types of equipment. From pallet trucks to stackers, we have all kinds of warehouse equipment available for short term hire.

How to Hire?

Hiring material handling equipment from Briggs Equipment is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to call us at 0800 26 26 81, discuss your requirements, and we will arrange everything for you.

Unlock Your Potential

So, don’t let the lack of equipment hinder your business operation. Hire the necessary equipment from Briggs Equipment and unlock your potential to meet the increasing demands of your business.


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