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Meet demand and manage costs by hiring your cleaning equipment!

Meet demand and manage costs by hiring your cleaning equipment!

Hiring presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to become more agile in their approach to industrial cleaning. The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated how cleaning requirements are prone to change and increases in demand can be difficult to predict. By choosing the hire route, companies can be more flexible and only access cleaning kit when they really need it.

For example, businesses of all sizes and from every industry have recently needed to increase the regularity and intensity of their cleaning regimes in response to the pandemic. Briggs customers in these sectors have been able to hire high-quality industrial Hako equipment to meet this extra demand.

However, in the coming months it’s likely that, following the period of intensity that we’ve seen with companies implementing cleaning regimes, activity levels will settle down and find a level. It’s at   this point where businesses will experience some of the significant benefits of hiring as they will be able to adjust and modify arrangements based on their circumstances. Hiring allows you to meet   short term cleaning requirements, whilst also minimising cost, commitment and risk in the long term.

Steve Fogg, Briggs Equipment’s Head of Short Term Hire, commented: “We are definitely seeing an increase in the number of customers choosing to hire their industrial cleaning equipment.   Businesses want flexibility in all areas of their operations and our hire fleet provides the perfect way to achieve exactly that.

“As the national dealer for Hako, we can provide our customers with access to some of the very best cleaning equipment on the market available via short term hire. All our cleaning equipment,   whether it’s hired or purchased, is supported by the Briggs Equipment Engineering team to give you peace of mind.

To find out more about the wide range of high quality industrial cleaning equipment available for hire from Briggs Equipment, call: 03301 23 98 50 or email   [email protected]

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