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Briggs Equipment’s Charity Walk for Prostate Cancer UK: A step towards change

Charity - March The Month for Prostate Cancer

Briggs Equipment’s Charity Walk for Prostate Cancer UK: A step towards change


Every step we take can lead to significant change, and this is what the Contract Management team at Briggs Equipment proved in the month of September. The team took the initiative to participate in ‘March the Month’ – a fundraising event for Prostate Cancer UK. With their collective efforts, they’ve shown us how we can turn a simple daily activity into a powerful gesture of support for a good cause.

11,000 Steps a Day: A Journey of Determination

The challenge was not an easy one, but the team was ready to take it on. Each member was committed to walking 11,000 steps every day in September. This number was not chosen at random – it represents the 11,000 men who lose their lives to prostate cancer every year in the UK. Each step taken by the team members signified a move towards raising awareness and funds for research into this devastating disease.

Marching Towards a Greater Good

Their dedication and perseverance resulted in an impressive total of 313,299 steps walked throughout the month. But they didn’t stop there. Alongside their physical efforts, the team also managed to raise more than £2,750 for Prostate Cancer UK.

Commendable Effort and Achievements

The team’s efforts show us the power of collective action and the significant impact it can have.

Through their efforts, the Briggs Equipment Contract Management team has shown what it truly means to be a part of the Briggs family. They have embodied the values of our company and have shown their commitment to making a difference in the community. Their actions truly make us #ProudToBeBriggs. Their efforts serve as a reminder to us all that we too can make a difference. Whether it’s through charity work, raising awareness, or even just walking, every action counts.

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