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Romiley Board Mill increase productivity with new fleet from Briggs Equipment

Case Study with Romiley Board

Keeping Business Moving is a key part of our ongoing customer commitment and we have worked closely with Romiley Board Mill, based in Stockport, for a number of years to supply a portion of their materials handling fleet.

To help improve consistency across operational functions, Briggs Equipment has been appointed as the sole supplier of MHE to Romiley Board Mill. The first phase of new equipment was delivered recently, which included a fleet of LPG and Electric Yale Forklifts, complete with paper clamp attachments and a comprehensive set of safety features.

Jon Barnes, Romiley Board Mill, Safety and Environment Manager, commented: “Previously, we have had materials handling equipment from a number of different suppliers, but for a variety of reasons we decided that it would be best to go to a sole supplier. Over the years we have built up a really good relationship with the team at Briggs Equipment and they were able to provide us with a package and proposal that met our requirements.

“It’s really important for us to have that sole supplier, especially from a service perspective as it helps promote greater consistency. We have a really good relationship with the Briggs engineers, so from that perspective it was a no-brainer. Importantly, we have also made the switch from diesel to electric and LPG machines, which will help reduce our environmental impact both in terms of air and noise pollution. We’ve also invested in a number of safety attachments for the new trucks, including Halo blue lights, white noise alarms and hydraulic accumulators, which all demonstrate our commitment to the safety of our people.

“The trucks will work across a 24 hour shift period, so we needed a robust and reliable product, which is exactly what the Yale forklifts are. The BE Portal fleet management is also a really useful tool for us as it gives us better insight into the performance of the equipment and helps identify areas for improvement. We are really looking forward to continuing our work with the Briggs team and building on our already strong partnership to ensure we get the most out of our fleet.”

Peter Wilson, Briggs Equipment’s Sales Executive, commented: “We are delighted to be expanding our ongoing partnership with Romiley Board Mill. Over an extended period we have been able to demonstrate the full range of benefits that Briggs Equipment can deliver to their business, and we look forward to working closely with their team to support their ongoing growth and development.

“The new trucks tick a number of boxes for the customer. The switch from diesel and LPG machines will have a really positive impact on their sustainability performance, but it’s also cost-effective in the long-term and will help deliver positive benefits right throughout the business.”

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