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New electric Briggs Engineer van highlights Peel Ports sustainability commitment

Photo of the new Briggs Equipment Electric Engineer Van

In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are taking centre stage, businesses are also taking significant strides to align with these global objectives. One such example is Peel Ports, who have recently demonstrated their commitment to environmental responsibility by introducing a fleet of electric vans across their group. This move is not just an isolated action but fits in with their wider sustainability strategy.

Briggs have followed suit on this sustainability journey, by introducing new electric engineers’ vans across the port of Liverpool & Heysham, which will be used by two of the resident Briggs Engineers who will be trialling their capabilities. It is a clear statement from both companies of their commitment towards a greener and more sustainable future. The delivery of the electric vans is part of the company’s broader strategy to reduce carbon emissions, and it will complement their existing fleet of electric vehicles.

Jack Brogan, Briggs Equipment’s Senior National Contract Manager, commented: “We are delighted to have completed the delivery and installation of these new electric engineers’ vans to the Port of Liverpool & Heysham. The Peel team are passionate about reducing their environmental impact and at Briggs we are most certainly aligned with Peel on their sustainability goals, we will continue to work with Peel to reduce CO2 emissions across the Ports”

Close up of Briggs Electric Engineer Van

“We continue to support Peel with their strategic objectives, through the implementation of innovative equipment and infrastructure solutions across their various sites. Peel continues to be recognised as the safest port operator in the UK, and we are proud of the important part that we play in that significant achievement.”

“We look forward to working closely together and developing our strong partnership.”

“We are delighted that Briggs is aligning in synergy with their electrification journey for their engineers,” said Malcolm Oliver White – Group Head of Asset Management at Peel Ports. He added, “These vehicles align perfectly with our environmental responsibility goals and demonstrate Briggs’ commitment to a more sustainable future with Peel Ports. We believe that by integrating electric vans for their engineers into their fleet, will set an example for others in our industry and contribute to a cleaner environment.”

You can find out more about the partnership between Briggs Equipment and Peel Ports on The Briggs Equipment Podcast.

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